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The Sporting Families Protection Act SJR7

Your help is needed this Thursday, February 28th, 8am at the Grant Sawyer Bldg.  555 East Washington Ave (Across from Cashman Field)


Please see the attached document on Southern Nevada Coalition for Wildlife Letterhead.  We encourage and endorse bill SJR7 The Sporting Familes Protection Act and encourage you to do the same.  Please contact your fellow Sportsmen and women to attend the important meeting this Thursday.


This meeting will be teleconferenced to the big screen in Carson City and seen by all attending Senators.  This is our first step in making a difference.  We need to send a clear message to protect our heritage and sporting families.

Please attend this important meeting and share your brief statement that you support Senator Hammond for bringing this bill forward, and look forward to seeing in on the ballot.

Thank-you all for your continued efforts!