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Silver State Hunt of a Lifetime

Are you the type of hunter who would hate the opportunity to hunt one of four premium big game species (antelope, elk, mule
deer or Nelson (desert) bighorn) anywhere in the state where there is an established season for that species?
  Then the Silver State tag probably isn’t for you:)


But if you would enjoy that opportunity- then click on the attached document for details!


Important facts about the Silver State Tag:


The Silver State Tag draw is open to both resident
and nonresident hunters who are eligible to hunt big game, even those who are
fulfilling waiting period requirements for the species available. However, if
an applicant is in a waiting period he is only eligible to apply for the Silver
State Tag for that species. If he is not in a waiting period, an applicant
could apply for a Silver State Tag, a regular big game tag and a Partnership in
Wildlife tag all in the same year. But once an applicant is awarded a tag his
application will not be considered in subsequent drawings for the same species
in that year. With the exception of tags for certain depredation hunts, a
hunter may obtain only one tag per species per year.


Silver State Hunt of a Lifetime.pdf