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SCI Seeks Members Who Hunt in the Kaibab National Forest

Dear Arizona SCI Members:

SCI is seeking current members who hunt in the Kaibab National Forest, including but not limited to areas such as the Kaibab Plateau. SCI is considering moving to intervene in a lawsuit filed by Center for Biological Diversity against the U.S. Forest Service that seeks to ban lead ammunition use in the forest. CBD claims that the lead used in ammunition harms condors and other raptors.

If you are a current SCI member who has definite plans to hunt in the Kaibab National Forest and who would be harmed by an absolute ban on the use of lead ammunition in the Forest, please contact Anna Seidman, or 202-543-8733. We are looking for members who will be willing to work with SCI’s litigation staff to prepare sworn statements that we can submit to the court to demonstrate Safari Club International’s interest in defending against the CBD lawsuit.

Thank you,

Anna M. Seidman
Director of Litigation
Safari Club International