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SB134 Regarding Guzzlers



Please see the letter below from Larry Johnson, the President of the Nevada Coalition for Wildlife (the Northern counterpart to our organization here in Southern Nevada) regarding SB134.



March 18,  2013




          Senate Bill 134 (SB 134) will have a hearing in the Senate Natural  Resource Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19, at 1:30 p.m.  The bill requires all guzzlers apply for water rights from the State  Engineer and makes other provisions for fencing and maintenance  requirements.  Previous rulings from both the State Engineer  and the Attorney General conclude water rights are unnecessary.


          This bill takes its origin from the past dysfunctional State Department  of Agriculture Board which was monopolized by radical members.  Sound familiar?  The past Ag Board wanted veto power  over all big game reintroductions and guzzler projects.  Unfortunately there remains a small faction of ranchers that still  believe they have total control over all public land.  One  representative testified in front of the Wildlife Commission a few years ago  that the rancher holding a grazing permit must be compensated monetarily any  time a big game reintroduction was made and, if not, they would  sue!


          Luckily, most ranchers believe in multiple use of public lands, and value  wildlife.  We should have much more in common with ranchers  than we have conflict since we all use and love the land and its  resources.


          Please call or email members of the Senate Natural Resource Committee in  opposition to SB 134.


To email the Senate  Natural Resource Committee  


To Telephone the  Legislative Message Center to Contact a Legislator:

684-6789  (from Reno/Carson City area)

486-2626  (from Las Vegas area)

(800)  995-9080  (from other areas in Nevada)


Thank  you.

Larry  J. Johnson, President

Coalition for Nevada‚Äôs Wildlife