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Major Hunting Conflict of Interest! Please read…

I am sending this email  to the most influential group of sportsman that I know. I would appreciate if  you will now do your part and forward on to everyone that you know who might  help make a difference! Please help support the hunter before hunting is  something we used to be able to do! will be  presenting a petition to the Nevada Wildlife commission in a meeting in Reno,  Dec 7, 2012 focused on preventing the use of dogs to hunt bears. Other backers  of the petition are Nevada Political Action  for Animals, the Bear League, the Nevada Humane Society, Humane Society for the  United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to  Animals.  Karen Layne, newly appointed commissioner to the Nevada Wildlife Commission is  President of the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. While it is true that Ms.  Layne is a community representative there is a clear conflict of interest here  since Ms. Layne works for the group presenting the petition. It is one thing to  support your personal views and those of the community on the wildlife  commission; it is another to support the agenda of your employer. A call needs  to be made that Ms. Layne recues herself from the debate. It is a conflict of  interest we cannot afford

The online world is very  convenient. With a valid email address that I could create for free on many  websites I could sign the online petition with any name I chose  an many times as I wanted to. That does not ensure I am a Nevada Resident with,  for lack of a better term, a dog in this fight. In all fairness the signatures  should be vetted for authenticity and residency requirements; simple due  diligence. Anonymous signatures should be discounted. If you believe it, stand  up and stay it.

It is time for the  Hunters and interested parties in Nevada to organize and become a strong voice  of reason to support our hobbies, livelihoods, passions, and way of life. I am a  Hunting Professional. My peers and I engage in an honorable occupation which  benefits rural economies, ecologies, traditions, as well as aiding public  officials in the management and care of our wildlife herds. We are stewards of  our environment. No one is more vested in the care and management of Wildlife in  Nevada than hunters.  The knowledge base we provide is unparalleled because  we walk the land, we watch the herds, we meet as peers, and we love the  outdoors.

Today the attack is on  hound hunting-easy target. Very few hunters own hounds, they require a  commitment to care and facilities that not everyone can provide. Vet bills,  daily care, conscientious training, noise tolerance, poopscooping, etc. It’s not  for everyone. It’s for a select number of committed individuals. A select number  of HUNTERS-if it comes down to a numbers game, Houndmen against people who  believe media propaganda presenting the sport as cruel and unfair, the Hounds  bay will be overpowered in Nevada just as it was in California. It is time for  HUNTERS to band together and say ENOUGH. Today it’s no hunting bears with  hounds, tomorrow no hunting bears, next week no hunting cats with hounds, the  day after no hunting cats. Wait, coyotes are predators too-we better protect  them. The wolves want to move in from Idaho, aren’t they deserving of protection  as well? Don’t these heathens use guns to hunt? We better control that too  because their lifestyle isn’t one that we can understand.

Regulations on hunting  are important and should be established and maintained. Banning hunting is  unacceptable and we need to step up and close the door on this attack. As one  voice the outdoorsmen and women of Nevada need to speak up. With our own  petitions, our own display of unity at the meeting, our dollars and our  SENSE.  It is time to protect the Nevada way of life.



Riley  Manzonie

Currant Creek  Outfitters

(775)  738-6206