Fall Hunting Approaches, Sportsmen Reminded to Report Wildlife Crime to OGT

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Fall Hunting Approaches, Sportsmen Reminded to Report Wildlife Crime to OGT

With the approach of the fall hunting season, game wardens from NDOW remind hunters to be alert for poaching and other wildlife crime. Sportsmen are asked to report wildlife crime to Nevada’s Operation Game Thief program at (800) 992-3030.

“Sportsmen in the field are the first witnesses to wildlife crime,” said Rob Buonamici, chief game warden with NDOW.  “They are also the best defense we have against illegal taking of Nevada’s wildlife.  Sportsmen are a great resource for protecting wildlife resources.”

Very often poachers will masquerade as hunters during the very busy hunting season.  These wildlife criminals use confusion in the field to illegally harvest wildlife.  The success of Operation Game Thief (OGT) hinges on the involvement of concerned sportsmen and women across the state.  The crimes detected, prosecuted and even prevented are all due to the ethical hunters and fishermen in Nevada as much as the game wardens who investigate the crimes.

Sportsmen interested in participating in the OGT program can contact the Department of Wildlife at (775) 688 – 1500.  To report suspected wildlife crimes, call OGT at 1-800-992-3030.  Anonymity is guaranteed, and rewards are paid upon the successful prosecution of wildlife crimes.  Protecting Nevada’s wildlife is everyone’s job.

More Information on Game Wardens

A lot of sportsmen may not understand the role game wardens play in protecting wildlife.  NDOW’s division of law enforcement recently completed a video to give some highlights.

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