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Press Release from the Nevada Firearms Coalition:

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Firearms Coalition welcomes the United States Conference of Mayors to Las Vegas for their Annual Meeting and calls on Nevada mayors to be innovative in their discussions about safe communities and quit over-regulating the 2nd Amendment.“Nevadans just said loud and clear that they opposed Bloomberg’s overreaching gun legislation, now mayors from across the country are coming to Las Vegas to discuss new strategies to over-regulate the 2nd Amendment when they really need to be talking about proven practices to reduce firearms accidents,” said Don Turner, President of the Nevada Firearms Coalition.

NDOW To Conduct Statewide Boating Under the Influence Enforcement       

Agency Participates in Nationwide Effort Following Local, High Profile Incidents

            Game wardens with the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) will be targeting boaters operating under the influence (OUI) this weekend in waters across Nevada as part of a nationally coordinated enforcement effort dubbed “Operation Dry Water.” As part of the effort, NDOW will be moving extra officers from other parts of the state to focus on busy recreational waters, such as Lakes Mead and Mohave. “We want to move our officers to the trouble spots,” said Pfiffner. “We know where people are operating under the influence and we will be saturating those areas."

Download this file (062513_Dry_Water.pdf)062513_Dry_Water.pdf88 Kb

Dove Hunt Applications Due for Overton WMA

            Hunters who plan to spend opening day and the first weekend of the 2013 mourning dove season hunting at the Overton Wildlife Management Area (OWMA) have until July 10 to submit their reservation applications. Applications must be received at the Nevada Department of Wildlife(NDOW) Headquarters Office in Reno no later than 5 p.m., July 10, and must be delivered only through a postal service. Please see the attachment for further information.

Download this file (062513_OWMA_dove_hunt.pdf)062513_OWMA_dove_hunt.pdf81 Kb



Ask a Nevada sportsman about gun control and you might get a myriad of answers, but
first you might get some questions. Are you talking about hurrying up a steep
hill only to get to the top with an accelerated heart rate and you want to know
how to control the gun for a well placed shot? 
Other questions might be how do you control your gun when a covey of
quail flushes from your feet? But the biggest question of all is the gun
control being promoted by the legislature. Oh, THAT gun control!!


Click on the pdf attachment to continue reading....

The Governor's office has set up a telephone voting process for SB221 so you can call in and indicate your vote by pressing #2 to vote AGAINST SB 221.



Call (775)684-5670 and then press 2 to vote AGAINST the measure.

Urgent Alert to All Nevada Residents:


June 3, 2013, Senate Bill 221 passed out of the Assembly, and it is now making its way to Governor Sandoval’s desk where he has 5 days to veto it.  This legislation if passed could have long term negative effects against those who hunt and those who are firearms owners. Please call the governor’s office today and ask that he Veto S.B. 221. You can reach the governor’s office by calling (775) 684-5670.


S.B. 221 calls for all private party transfers (absent a few exemptions) to be conducted through a licensed dealer. To conduct a private party transfer both parties must jointly appear at the dealer and the dealer must comply with state and federal requirements as though he were transferring a firearm from his own inventory. Please call the governor’s office today and ask that he Veto S.B. 221. You can reach the governor’s office by calling (775) 684-5670.


The background check inquiry for private party transfers will be made directly to federal NICS system as opposed to regular dealer transfers that are conducted through Nevada's point of contact, the Department of Public Safety, thus overriding the state’s own laws to prevent federal overreach on firearm ownership by Nev. citizens. The reason for the discrepancy in background check inquiries is due to the fee ($25 for background check) assessed by DPS which would require a 2/3s vote for passage. By utilizing the free NICS system the legislature is attempting to circumvent Nevada’s constitutional 2/3s vote requirement for raising taxes. Instead the bill allows a dealer to charge a higher fee than a regular background check ($30 maximum). A person who fails to comply with the background check requirement is guilty of a gross misdemeanor and prohibited from possessing a firearm for a period of 2 years. A second or subsequent offense is a felony. There are “exemptions” to this bill which appear to accommodate common shooting and hunting activities. However these “exemptions” fail to cover all of the possible temporary transfers of firearms, thus leaving legitimate hunters and target shooters subject to criminal sanctions for simply donating a firearm to for a chapter banquet or lending a hunting rifle to a friend who has the wrong license. Please call the governor’s office today and ask that he stand up for hunters and Veto S.B. 221. You can reach the governor’s office by calling (775) 684-5670.

If you did not draw a big game tag in the recent completed main draw, the Nevada Department of Wildlife wants to remind sportsmen there are still tags remaining for the upcoming second draw.

           The online application will open at 8 a.m. on June 10. The Wildlife Administrative Services Office will accept applications received through the mail until 5 p.m. and through the internet until 11 p.m. on June 25. Applications may be submitted online at or by mail to Wildlife Administrative Services Office, PO Box 1345, Fallon, Nevada 89407-1345.

            Many of these remaining tags are available to both resident and nonresident hunters. For the full article and list of available tags please click the attachment. 


For Immediate Release:
June 3, 2013
Contact - Don Turner: 702-373-5935


CARSON CITY, NV – The Nevada Firearms Coalition announced Sunday that they will continue to oppose New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to force the passage of Senate Bill 221 through the Nevada Legislature.

“Bloomberg is a bully,” said Don Turner, President of the Nevada Firearms Coalition. “It tells you exactly how much support there is for SB221 when Bloomberg needs to hire more than 10 lobbyists, two who work for his New York Mayor’s office, to buy Nevada Democrats’ support of this bill. It is an affront to Nevada Citizens and to our elected officials that he uses his out of state money and his NYC position to negatively impact our rights.”

Bloomberg claims to speak for Nevada Mayors; however, only two mayors and Nevada’s Attorney General are members of his organization. AG Catherine Cortez Masto announced her support of Bloomberg’s bill last week.

“It is appalling that Bloomberg’s lobbyists would try to hide from Nevada that they work for Bloomberg in New York City,” Turner said. “When it was reported that they had New York City email addresses, the emails were immediately removed from the Nevada Legislature lobbyist list.”

AIS Decontaminatino Station

It's warmer boating weather and time to head to the water! NDOW is providing four new decontamination stations scheduled to open this Memorial Day weekend.


The four stations are located at Lahontan Reservoir (Silver Spring State Park entrance and near the dam area off U.S. 50), Rye Patch Reservoir (at the park boat ramp area on the west side of the lake) and Wildhorse Reservoir at the Wildhorse Resort: less than one mile south of the reservoir.

Decontamination and inspections will be free of charge due to federal grants and the implementation of Nevada’s new AIS prevention decal.

Boaters are advised to come early and expect slight launch delays for the inspections. The inspection process will proceed faster if vessels come completely CLEAN, DRAINED AND DRY (no water in the bilge, drains, etc.)

For more information on the threat of aquatic invasive species, CLEAN, DRAIN, AND DRY or the new AIS Decal program, visit

The Southern Nevada Coalition for Wildlife is forwarding this important message from the Nevada Firearms Coalition




from the










SB76 would allow one gun carry (CFP) certification. This bill passed from the Senate unanimously but hasn’t received a hearing in Assembly Judiciary. We need your help to ask Chairman Frierson to schedule a hearing AND a work session for SB76. Please contact Chairman Frierson and ask him to schedule SB76.




Contact Committee Members

By Email:

Jason Frierson - Chair

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By Phone:


Toll Free: 800-978-2878,



Northern Nevada 775-684-6800, 775-684-6789

Southern Nevada 702-486-2626

Toll Free Fax: 866-543-9941

Nevada residents who want to have a desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) as a pet will be limited to a single animal
beginning May 1, 2013. This new restriction was put into place when the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners
voted to approve Commission General Regulation 426 as a step toward reducing the over breeding of pet desert tortoises.


Click below for the full article. 


Download this file (042513_desert_tortoise.pdf)042513_desert_tortoise.pdf89 Kb

Click below for an amazing story about a man that purchased a knife at a Smith's grocery store in Salt Lake and then started using the weapon to hurt shoppers.  A man carrying a gun stopped the madness before more people could be harmed! Click on the link below for the story and video coverage.