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On September 16, 2012, the Review Journal posted an article by Steve Helsley titled “Nevada Views: Is gun registration worth cost?” This is an excellent article that details the current Clark County Sheriff’s budget issue and his worthless handgun registration program. The Sheriff is asking for more tax money for his department’s operation. It’s estimated that this program costs approximately $2 Million dollars a year. The reason for this program is an excuse by the Sheriff to SEIZE and NOT RETURN a non registered handgun. The law doesn’t require you to carry the “blue card” with your handgun, but if you don’t, citizens have been subject to long detentions waiting for verification. There are LOTS wrong with the program, but it costs too much for what it is worth. He should be forced to eliminate non effective programs before he is given one dime more of tax money. He could even use the savings from this program to put more deputies on the street.

Now is the time to end this program, but your help is needed. There are ten things you as a gun owner can do to end this program now.

1. Write a letter to the editor of the Review Journal, reference this article and demand the elimination of the handgun registration program as a waste of tax money.

2. Email a respectful email to the members of the Clark County Board of County Commissioners requesting the elimination of this wasteful program. See email addresses below.

3. Email a respectful email to the members of the Las Vegas City Council and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Fiscal Affairs Committee requesting the elimination of this wasteful program. See email addresses below.

4. Forward this email to all your friends, coworkers and contacts that support your gun rights.

5. Visit our Facebook page at: Nevada Firearms Coalition and keep up to date on our activities to end this program.

6. Sign our on line petition posted on our FB page to the County Commission to end this program.

7. Sign the petitions at your gun stores, gun shows, etc. to end this program.

8. Join the NRA (you can do it on line at the NVFAC web page) if you are not a member now.

9. Visit our web page at: Nevada Firearms Coalition and join our Coalition. Help us with this issue and others coming up at the legislature.

10. Register to vote and vote!

Clark County Commissioners: Susan Brager, Chair, Steve Sisolak*, Tom Collins, Larry Brown*, Lawrence Weekly, Chris Giunchigliani, Mary Beth Scow. Their email addresses are posted at:

Your Clark County Elected Officials

LV Metropolitan Police Department Fiscal Affairs Committee: James Hammer, Chair, County Commissioner Larry Brown*, County Commissioner Steve Sisolak*, Las Vegas City Councilman Ricki Barlow, Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony

City Council (Official City of Las Vegas Web Site)

Thank you!

Nevada Firearms Coalition