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We need ALL Nevada sporting families to attend a criticial meeting Saturday, April 5th, 12:00pm in the Commissioner's chambers (500 S Grand Central Pkwy)


Please spread the word that we are trying to get over 200 sportsman and sporting families to the last committe meeting regarding a possible shutdown of trapping in Clark County. You don't trap? Keep reading.  You hunt, fish and go outdoors- keep reading.  A devastating proposal of changing the trap visitation time to less than 96 hours is strongly being considered. This will drastically end trapping as we know it and has the potential of taking this statewide in the future. It is critical that we have members from all the groups in Southern Nevada present to voice their concerns. When the antis finish off the trappers, their appetite won't be satisfied. We are today where California was just a few decades ago. They lost trapping, then they lost hounds. Now they are in jeopardy of losing all use of hunting dogs . . . even for upland and waterfowl. They lost lead bullets. Archers are under the microscope next. If we don't dig in and fight now, we will soon have nothing worth fighting for.
This isn't just a coalition's a sporting families issue. Lets join together and defeat this.


***** Statewide Sportsman’s Alert******


Take a deep breath….we are being shelled on by activists that want our heritage and lore to

die. Let me say it again….Activist and law makers want our heritage and lore to die!

Our brethren trappers are fighting the battle now with very little support of the masses of

sportsmen in this state. Remember how you got that knot in your stomach when you went

to your sporting goods to buy ammo and the shelves were bare? Well the trappers are in

that boat now. It’s true they can buy all the traps they want and all the supplies to go with

it but now there is a big attempt to regulate them in a manner that they will quit trapping.

How would you feel if all of a sudden you were told you can only keep your fishing line in the

water for 5 minutes in and then 5 minutes out? Sounds ridiculous huh? Or perhaps you can

only use a .410 shotgun to hunt geese. You would get so dejected that you would probably

stop fishing or goose hunting just because of the regulations. This is exactly what’s happening

to the trappers. They are being told to go from 96 hour visitation check to 24 hour visitation

check, all with no data or criteria being presented. What does that mean to us non trappers?

Well to start with if no coyotes or bobcats are trapped then they will have free will on preying

on our deer, antelope, sheep, upland game population etc. If you think our game animal

population is below your expectations then this will only make it worse. This is the same

rationale as lowering a magazine capacity in hope of curtailing gun violence. I know the people

reading this are smart enough to see the future if this passes. I for one would rather fight the

regulation than hope that someone in the future will change it back. We need to have over

200 sportsman show up in Las Vegas on April 5 to tell the commission to keep the regulation

as it is now…after all it has served us all well for over forty years.

What’s next???? Outlawing having coyote calling events, not being able to use dogs for

hunting or perhaps not being able to use a bow? Now ask yourself… what point do I need

to start taking a stand?


See you April 5th in Las Vegas 12 noon in the commissioners’ chambers at 500 Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas Nevada